He asks us to keep our eyes open…

Looks like He did a pretty good job!

Looks like He did a pretty good job!


The Proud and Arrogant think they can do better.

The Proud and Arrogant think they can do better.


May we keep oil in our Lamps and our eyes open...

May we keep oil in our Lamps and our eyes open…








Good evening my brothers and sisters,

I am sorry I have not put another message on this site in a couple of weeks, it seems like everyday I mean to get to it I run out of time. Believe me I know raising five children can be enough, but there seems to be something more going on. As I sat and did my morning prayers on the twenty third I felt God speak to me and ask me to write. As I did I heard another message from a Father who loves us and pines for us to listen to Him before its too late. Please read along and let His words penetrate the hardest of hearts. I don’t want to be the one to bring ill will against our modern day scientists, but something has to be done to stop these people before they ruin us all with their truly evident and evil agenda. You can actually feel the evil in what they are doing day by day, at least that is speaking for me. Enjoy and comment to let others know how it made you feel and what your eyes have seen. Until next time.   By the way after I received this I noticed every article or story I saw that day had to do with GMO foods and the level of toxin we are now forced to ingest….. “Sad”.


February 23, 2015

Lord: My son good morning, it is I your Lord and God and Father. Be at peace my son, but do not sleep. Now more than ever you must be vigilant. Keep your eyes and ears open. Can you feel it my son? Can you feel that the time has been quickened? It had to be, for my adversary and yours; Satan, has been working very hard to erode and ultimately destroy all that I have built and that my son sacrificed for. The greed and lust for sinful desires has grown so wide that even my workers in the vineyard; my chosen ones in the church, have had a tremendous struggle. Your air has been saturated with sin and now you can see that when you cooperate with evil you only give it more permission to do the next thing on its agenda. Make no mistake about it my children, you are where you are because of your choices not mine. I never intended to see my creation end up like this. I made everything perfect, but your scientist seem to have decided that they have a better way to make your food. “Arrogance”! Who do they think they are? Did I not make everything perfect? Did I not design the body as well as the food to go perfectly together? Have they not attempted to take on the role of God? Mark my words my children, I will not be mocked. Do not sit back idly as they try to remove and or change my creation. Do not buy what they are selling you, for it is all lies. Trust my children and I will lead you to truth. As I said earlier, open your eyes so that you can see what is in front of you. “I” will provide, not them. Their day is coming, I am bringing light back into the world. Pray my children, pray that I may enlighten you as to where you must look to see the things I have spoken of here today. That is all my son, now go in peace and keep your eyes open. I love you all, amen.


2 thoughts on “He asks us to keep our eyes open…

    • Hi Chris, I know what you are saying.
      First and foremost pray that God will show you where to get your food from and secondly He will protect you from anything you are eating now that has been mutated or messed with in any way that is not His creation or desire. May we ALL find this as we search. Please let others know if you found anywhere for this as I am sure you are not the only ones to be looking. By the way try this site for some great information http://www.mercola.com
      Thanks and I will pray for you in your search. God bless,

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