Be Quiet No Longer!


"God is real and He loves us"!

“God is real and He loves us”!


Hello my brothers and sisters I hope you are doing well. I guess this message is simply supporting all of the recent messages I have received. God once again seems to be pointing out to us the amount of sin that we are involved with and the destruction that it is having upon our world. The one thing that surprised me about this one however, was the fact that He was asking us to start talking and sharing with others about Him. The morning I received this I also received at least four signs to confirm what He had said. I also brought it up at my work that morning and the entire day seemed to be built around this. May we listen to his words and let them sink in very deeply. I have a feeling that this is an act of His mercy for us right now and that it will make sense to us later. The next message afterthis one that I will share, you will see that God mentions that there is something to come soon to us all in this world. Although I’m not sure what that is I am sure that we should be ready for it. Let’s take this message seriously and just start to bless everyone we run into each and every day. Let’s start to make the phrase “God bless you” as common as watching a pharmaceutical commercial. They have done a tremendous job in twisting our minds and distorting our understanding of reality, so why don’t we use the same tactic of expression to share God’s good news? From now on this is an open forum so I would like to hear what you are doing in response to this. Share with me as well as others so that this may get around the world. I already sit in awe at seeing how many have actually read these things and from where they come from. You have my prayers my brothers and sisters now let us go and evangelize and make God proud.


Feb 27, 2015

Lord: My child be at peace it is I your Lord and God and Father. Do not fear writing my word, do not fear expressing my name. These are all signs of the times and the additional birth pangs of what is to come. I have become a taboo subject with many of you. It is okay to talk filth and discuss among yourselves disgusting conversation which brings nothing but death to your soul, but to mention my name or to bring me up in these conversations (without using my name in vain) is unpopular and you are looked at as a bigot or a radical Christian. Acceptance of sin and betrayal has become the norm. This is why many of you are having trouble understanding what is happening around you. Your hearts and souls and minds were not created by me to live in such sin. It should leave you with an unsteady feeling when you view the material you do or partake in these conversations; if it does not do this then that is your sign you have become numb and moved to acceptance. This is a sign of your conscience starting to become strangled. Do not let this happen my children for the true faith is being extinguished in your society. Remember faith comes through hearing and people will never hear unless you all begin to share. Ask me to help you and I will, ask me for opportunities and to give you the words as my son Jesus promised you. Now more than ever I ask you to evangelize! Spread the good news and stop placing yourself in the bad. Clean your environment so that there is room for me and the growth can occur within you that I wish all of you to experience. The time has come my children, shouted from the rooftops. “God loves you”. That is all my son, now go and spread the good news. I love you all, amen.


9 thoughts on “Be Quiet No Longer!

  1. Last week a priest told me he was in the confessional waiting for the next penitent. He had an overwhelming experience of how much GOd loves each and every person. Totally for each person ….100 percent. Ties in with the words here.

    • Thanks for your comment on this Anne. God shared with me (as you will see in the next message) that there will be coming something that will affect everyone and that there will not be enough priests to handle the confessionals. I then arrived at work and saw a headline that the Pope was asking for the confessionals and adoration to be open for Friday and Saturday all day and night so everyone could receive the sacrament; of course it looks like he was only referring to the one weekend, but the headline supported the message. May we pray we are ready for this and that ALL the chosen priests are ready and open too. 🙂

  2. forgot to add. Pray for Divine Appointments and He will give them.Ask Him to prepare the hearts of those He wishes you to speak to and God will do so. Just live your life and Divine Appointments will happen.

  3. i pray and hope ALL will avail of themselves of the greatest way for real forgiveness and healing in confession. For a long time now, i have realized that the world is in need of great renewal and the journey back must start with experiencing the LOVE of GOD in confession.
    i noticed where the Cincinnati had what they called the “Light is On”whereby the parishes had confession for a couple of hours on a Friday night. I immediately flashed back to when my parents would leave the front porch light on for us if we had gone out at night. A real coming home feeling!! Out of the darkness into the Light.
    I look forward to the message as my prayer is for all to experience the Light.

    • This is so true Anne, it reminds me of God’s calling to me in the beginning. I used to go see a priest every weekend to talk about what was happening to me. When I explained to him that my life was changing and that I found myself not interested in the old things anymore (sin etc.) and that I didn’t understand what was happening to me, he asked me why I was surprised…. he said I had been receiving the sacrament of reconciliation every weekend for two months. I guess Mercy and forgiveness changes all things 🙂
      Thanks for the comment.

  4. This confirms exactly what The Good Lord has been guiding me to do. It’s so amazing how at times I’m under pressure to say a simple God bless you to a stranger…that’s because the evil one has the spirit of ungodliness so pervasive. I feel ashamed when I mumble it…and understand how my friend Peter the Rock felt. The problem is a twofold dose of pride!!! Dose 1: False pride in thinking the person on the other end of the conversation would think me strange or a fanatic. Dose 2: False pride in thinking I can conquer this by my strength and not abandoning my weakness to His Divine Mercy.

    This Lent has been beautiful in the Lord teaching me to become very little, to renounce myself, to abandon my will and to totally Trust in Him.

    Oh YESHUA I Trust in You!!!

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