My 3 a.m. wake up call

Good evening my brothers and sisters I hope this finds you well.
I have had too many computer problems lately and I barely have enough time to think let alone write. But that is the way it goes sometimes, I have to be extremely thankful for the work that I have at is keeping me so busy. I have had problems accessing this site as well which I am sure may be caused by the evil one and all that he is trying to prevent from getting out to you. I noticed when I signed in this evening that there are comments I have that I am unaware of but will be responding to as soon as I’m done this post. The comments have a common theme, people are asking whether or not I have had the enlightenment of conscience? To this I answer, … no. I am just like you and I have to wait upon the moment. I have however had more explained to me about this moment as well as the fact that our Lord asked me to share it with you. I was awoken at 3 AM on the 20th of February and I received this message. Please listen to it and pray on it deeply for I believe it is coming from our Lord’s heart and that our loving Father is trying to warn us ever so gently to be ready for what is coming. I leave you with only one question? Brothers and sisters, are you ready? Listen and discern.

February 20, 2017

Lord: My child be at peace, it is I your Lord and God and Father. My child I woke you at this hour as a reminder, or a symbol that I will come like a thief in the night and the question is, will I find my children ready? Would you yourself have been ready if I came for you tonight? That is what you should be thinking about, for many of my children’s lives were required of them tonight: some were ready, but many were not. Which one would you have been? If you truly believed and understood the importance of this and what this means you would spend every waking minute doing what is necessary to make sure you would be ready. My son so many are not ready for what is coming. I have not been silent about this. I have you and so many others that have taken on this responsibility of sharing my words. I have shouted from the rooftops, “prepare the way of the Lord, for He comes to claim what is His.” You are all mine my children and I have lavished you with so many gifts, even life itself. But what have you done with those gifts? Did you invest the talents as I asked of you? Or did you store up everything in a barn making sure you had plenty for yourselves? Fools, tonight your life may be required of you! How would you stand before me? Would you be pleased if you were able to know the entire truth of what you have done with your life? Yes my son, there exists a pure truth, a truth that is not clouded by or lied to by your own selfish desires. It is this truth that will put you on trial and convict you of all things, good or bad. This is the fire of the Holy Spirit, are you ready for it? Are any of you ready for it? Is coming my children, the cleansing fire of truth will be at your doorstep very soon. Please my children I ask of you tonight to spend some time with me asking what you need to do in order to be ready for this great grace. Put all of your own desires aside and search for mine, you may be very surprised at what you will learn. That is all my son, now go back to bed and pray on what I have woken you for. I love you my son, amen.


4 thoughts on “My 3 a.m. wake up call

  1. Thank you for this. I follow your messages in a linked site, so just saw this today.

    I wanted to ask what may be a very obvious question. The phrase, ” If you truly believed and understood the importance of this and what this means you would spend every waking minute doing what is necessary,” stands out to me. But when I think on it, besides continuing going to regular confession, going to Mass, praying the Rosary, what else would be in your list, inspired or not, to “be ready”?

    Like I said, perhaps obvious, but I tend to be a bit pragmatic and am better with lists.



    • Hi Dan, thanks for the thoughtful comment!
      That is a very good question, and one that sent me to prayer, so forgive me if this looks like a post instead of a comment. In response I can give you this…
      When I prayed about this, the Lord said to me “Be like the wise virgins who were ready at all times to meet me.” It may sound simple, but I think it is supposed to be. I believe we are to ask Him what areas of our life whether it is in our attitude towards others, our importance of “things” in our personal hierarchy or maybe even how we end up treating ourselves? This is what I feel when I pray about it, but I think it is personal to each person. The theme God has given me lately is, “Look inside yourself so that you can see what I see”. I have started to do this and I am a tad bit surprised at what He is showing me as well. I think all the things that you have mentioned are key in us being able to stay on the right road, I think there is just individual aspects for each one of us possibly spiritually that He is trying to wake up. I hope this helps, but if not please send me an email or another comment and I will respond to you in more depth. Thanks again and God bless my brother!

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