A message for Independence Day

He cares so much for us

He cares so much for us


A blessed and inspired document of protection

A blessed and inspired document of protection


Heaven cries for US

Heaven cries for US







Hello my brothers and sisters, I wish you a happy Fourth of July.
I will probably leave my part on this very short as I do not have much time, but I feel it is urgent that I get this message out to you tonight regarding the celebration of our great nation. God did not seem to pleased with us today at mass when He shared the message I will give you this evening. So for now let’s pay attention to the words that He speaks when he says for us to “Pray” for our country, our leaders and our church. I will keep this short and speak to you soon, God bless.

July 4’th 2016

Lord: My child be at peace, it is I your Lord and God and Father. Do not be dismayed at your current situation for you are in the palm of my hand and I will let no harm come to you or your family. Look around you my son, look at the land I blessed so abundantly that now appears as a canker sore of sin that is seen on the face of my creation. Everything around you that looks mighty will fall. Just as the great Temple was, so shall be this country be and its leaders. I have given so much to my children here, blessed them with all the blessings a country could ask for and still they dishonor me and my laws for mankind. It is all a facade, and one that will come tumbling down collapsing the walls of pride and greed that support those in power. Isn’t it sad my son that I receive more thanks and praise from those you would call destitute and coming from underdeveloped nations than I receive from my children of this great nation that I’ve given so much to? Pray for your country my children and pray for your leaders who will have to answer for every rule they have made and for every one of my children affected by them, good and bad. Pray my children that I will relent of my punishment for these grave sins against me. Pray and sacrifice more for the sins of mankind, especially those within the rankings of my holy church that was built upon the blood of those who died for it; starting with my son Jesus Christ. Pray for peace my children so that I may grant it to this world that is in such desperate need of it. Please my children heed my call, for the trumpet has blown and the word has been sent to purify my creation. Do not be caught unprepared.
That is all my son, now go and pray for the peace I have requested. I love you, amen.


“God does not need a vote to do what He does”

By the fruits you shall know them!

By the fruits you shall know them!


They ALL must answer for what they have done.

They ALL must answer for what they have done.








What they should be doing at the leadership level.

What they should be doing at the leadership level.


Good evening my brothers and sisters, I hope you are having a very productive Lenten season.
I have been listening and recording our Lord’s messages for some time now. Although I always understood them as being important, they seem to be growing as a sense of urgency more rapidly than I have ever felt them before. Everyone seems to be pointing to the fact that we are coming to an end of something, I believe that as well, but I believe that we are coming to the end of an era: an era of evil.
It seems every day that as soon as you listen to the news or read the story you discover that evil has taken another step forward. Sin seems to abound, but we must remember that where sin abounds, grace abounds all the more. So though evil seems to have the upper hand we know God has already won the fight. We walk in victories my brothers and sisters and from what I can discern the God has been giving me He is going to show us a large victory very soon. He tells us not to give up hope and into nights message you will see that He is explaining his power and that He does not need permission from anyone to do what He says He will do.
God has placed upon my heart that the need for these messages to be released in greater numbers and greater forums has come. I ask for your prayers at this time as it has been revealed that it is time also to write the book that He has asked me to write. I am not sure how I’m going to build to do this as I need to find a full-time job with enough income to take care of my family of seven, but I am praying that He will show me the way. So on with the message…

PS. I have attached an Audio file with the message and one with a recent dream explained as well.

The Message:

The Dream

February 9, 2016

Lord: My child be at peace, it is I your Lord and God and Father. The great leaders and kings of old worshiped me and gave me honor, the leaders of your world today do not. They spit in my face even after I provide for them as I do for all of my children. This has caused great harm and just like it was for the Israelite’s, it is today. I have heard my People’s plea, I have heard their cry and will answer them soon. Many now gather just as they did at the time of my son to decide how they will try to get rid of me, or have me removed from places of decision-making. “FOOL’S,” did I need an international vote when I rescued my people from Egypt? Did I need a Council that decided whether it was permissible to listen and follow my commands? The proof of that question testifies from the bottom of the Red Sea where chariots and the bones of pharaohs soldiers lie in ruin. I am a jealous God and one that won’t be mocked. Trust in me my children, I have heard you from on high. Your God will not allow this to go on much longer, but understand there is a sequence of events to take place, everything has its course that must be run. Many believe that it took too long with Pharaoh and that I should have forced him to let my people go sooner, but I did what I did at just the right time. Yes my son I am aware that you have no such kings as Solomon today to guide you, but in my plan I use all, and I use them at the acceptable time, I will be there to command once more “let my people go,” only this time it will be to the evil one himself. Soon you will be free my little ones, do not give up hope. I AM is here. I will rescue my people from all the evil they are faced with on a daily basis. Do not lose hope. That is all my son, now go in peace and be ready at all times to face me. I love you, amen.

Be patient my little ones and your character will be strengthened.

Joe Biden talks about the rosary

Joe Biden talks about the rosary

A standing ovation for Jesus!

A standing ovation for Jesus!

Ashley Smith says Jesus saved her

Ashley Smith says Jesus saved her

Hello my brothers and sisters, I pray that you have been well. As you know this is a very trying time for me as my family has been left without an income and at the present moment… no job has come about for me. I know this may sound crazy, but God’s will be done.
It is a very strange time we are going through right now but once again I see remnants of the dream coming to reality. I don’t think anyone would argue that Satan has an incredible influence over much of society at the current moment. He has successfully deceived and tricked many into worshiping either false idols or immorality and lust. I read a tremendous article the other day on spirit daily; I will include the link at the bottom of this, as well as another  titled “Why can’t Christians be more Christian? This one reminded me of the writing I posted on August 30 2010, “God truly has no partiality”. The first was a description of how television has become the tabernacle from hell. I believe that this is a title that Archbishop Fulton Sheen gave that box many many years ago, as we know he was prophetic and ahead of his time. Just about every channel or program you choose to view is loaded with content that is not good for the soul. You have to make a conscious decision now to feed yourself with the correct nutrition that your soul needs on a daily basis or it will begin to feel undernourished and almost anorexic. Like I said earlier, I don’t think this would be up for argument. The second was written by an author who was viewing the separation of Christians as such a sad event and pointing out that we Christians are not acting any differently than those who don’t believe (my take on this). I cannot believe the number of times I am seeing God confirm this point, but it runs into great walls of defense on all sides. This area needs much prayer.
However my brothers and sisters, just like the dream God pointed out that the very same “vehicles” that were being used to distribute filth and sin could also be used to deliver the good news. I have actually seen three occurrences this week alone of major media networks airing a story that either supported our faith in Christianity as well as the rosary, or allowed people to speak out Jesus’s name on air as to the reason their lives have been blessed by God. Once was on the tonight show where a gospel singer received a standing ovation for singing about Jesus. The next was actually with our vice president, Joe Biden explaining how his faith and praying the rosary got him through the loss of his son; by no means does this mean that I support the man, only that I viewed his witness which makes it even more of a miracle 🙂  The last thing I saw before writing this was an interview with the woman who was held by Brian Nichols in Atlanta and how she went from a drug addict on meth and losing custody of her daughter, to saying no to drugs and changing her life in an instant when she believes Jesus Christ took over his body to deliver her a choice. She says that after facing that and saying no to the drugs, that she has never looked back or tried them again. For any of you who have dealt with addiction in their lives or someone you love suffers from it, you know that is next to impossible and only something God could do.
So my brothers and sisters I know there is a lot of information out there about what tough times we are going through and I wholeheartedly can give witness to that, but this also shows that God is taking back what is His. So the same “vehicles” that Satan has hijacked to deliver his message, God is using to deliver an even more powerful one. So enough of my rambling, I will give you the message I received after sitting down and pouring my heart out to God about my current situation. Maybe you will see your answer in this as well.

TV from hell:   http://www.crisismagazine.com/2015/television-the-devils-tabernacle

Why can’t Christians be more Christian?:   http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2015/09/14/why-cant-christians-be-more-christian.html


September 8, 2015

Lord: My son be at peace, it is I your Lord and God and Father. Do not let your heart be troubled my son, all is well for you, you just cannot see it at the moment. My child you are going through a test; a test of your faith. Have I really heard your prayers? Will I really answer you? This you know the answer to all too well by now my son. Have I not provided all that you have ever needed? Have I not done this for you even before you had to ask? Oh my precious children, you cave and feel crushed by the circumstances surrounding your lives. Do not worry for I call each one of you by name and I know what each one of you needs more than you do. Didn’t my son pose the question to you about which one of you would give a stone when you are asked for a loaf of bread? Oh my little ones, how weak your faith really is. By now you should understand that if it is spoken by me then it is a truth. Pay no attention to the false truths placed before you, the world is spitting out lies faster than you can think. This is just a ploy of the evil one to coerce you into sin and to get you to doubt the word of your God. He knows he only has a small amount of time left here to tempt you, so do not let him get the best of you. Be patient my little ones and your character will be strengthened this is a time of trial, but it doesn’t have to be a time of victory for the evil one. Pray, Fast, and do Penance for the time is upon you. Soon the world will see and know My Son. Soon they will have their proof, although for those who choose not to believe there will never be enough for them. Peace my children, that is what I desire for you, spread peace. The battle will soon be over and the world will once again live among its God. You are my children and I am the Father that loves you. That is all my son, now go and spread the word of redemption. I love you, amen.

There is a Judgement Coming… Are we ready?

How will we fare...? As an individual, as a country?

How will we fare…? As an individual, as a country?

Hello my brothers and sisters, I hope you excuse my absence for it was not in my plan to have to stop sharing as I have had to do. Trust me when I tell you that the situation that caused this with outside of my control. Please pray for this to be lifted and kept at bay.
A lot has changed since I last wrote on this blog. Some extremely wonderful news to share with you is that my family received a healing from the Holy Spirit that we’ve been waiting for all of our lives. We went to see a woman by the name of Stella Davis in Virginia, if you have not heard of her look her up, her story is quite amazing and I can honestly say the Holy Spirit works through her in healing like I have never seen before. Thank you Lord for that healing, for you have been promising it for some time and have come through for us. Another experience I have had to travel through has been the closing down of my business; a Christian healthcare clinic that we have had running for almost 10 years. It was a sad day, but I’m sure it is in God’s plan that this had to happen. So much greed and so much corruption exists in this world and we all just become part of the collateral damage when evil flourishes as it does now. It has also been a lesson of deep trust and a test of faith. At this moment I am unemployed and do not have an income with a family of seven to provide for. It is at these times that we truly have to dig deep and experience an Abraham moment. It is truly a test that exists for us when we go through these things because the world and the fears will do their best to get a hold of you and break you down. God has placed before us life and death, I choose life. Please pray for me as I start my endeavor to find the next thing that God wants me to be doing. I know that this blog is one thing He wants me doing but it does not pay the bills or feed the children. This I will have to find in another way as I promised myself I would never use this forum to provide for my family. Don’t worry, if God reveals it to me differently you all will be the first to know 🙂
I went to church today to pick up my edition of the Magnificat and while I was there I decided to stop at the Chapel and pray about my situation; what a blessing it turned out to be adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. Of course, no offense, I was hoping I would hear an answer to my plea regarding my predicament. God did answer, but seemed to go right by my question and delivered to me what I’m giving to you this evening. So I receive this message in my prayer time before the Blessed Sacrament today, let’s see what it means to you.


August 31, 2015

Lord: My child be at peace, is I your Lord and God and Savior Jesus, along with my heavenly Father and our Holy Spirit. You sit before me now, worshiping and asking for your needs. Because of this action of yours I will be granting your request, as I wish for all of my children to come before me in prayer to seek my will and ask for their needs to be met. The world is in a very sad and lost state at this time my child and now more than ever it needs to turn back to its God who loves them. My children seek their answers in the wrong places and from the wrong people who will only lead them astray. Tell them all to come before me so that I can direct them down the correct path, the one that will leave them to eternal life. The time draws near for everyone to see the manifestation of their God and His mercy as well as His justice. As of now there has only been mercy, but soon there will be justice and a judgment will be handed down for the Angels to deliver. Read your scriptures and you will know from where I speak. Do not be afraid my little ones, for I know my own and I will protect them. Do not worry about that which can harm the body and start paying attention to that which kills the soul. Evil is everywhere around you and has been given its last hour, (of which the minutes are ticking by) to tempt and lead astray mankind which is the pride of our creation. The door is closing my son, tell all to be prepared for the final battle is here. I will and have conquered this already my son, do not be afraid but walk tall in humility and you will see the end. Pray my son for more of my people to know the truth before the day of “knowing” comes upon them. So many are still not yet prepared… Are you? Oh you of little faith, trust in your God and He will not disappoint. Now go in faith and trust knowing that your God has you in the palm of His hand and will let no harm come to you. I AM has spoken, now go and share the word. I love you, amen.

Do not look to man for your answers, you will only find disappointment

Hello my brothers and sisters, I hope this post finds you well.
I have left my dream on this site so that all could see what was revealed to me in 2010. At the time of that dream things did not seem as real as they do now regarding that content. Soon I will explain to you my interpretation as well. Thank you to all who shared their feedback with me and with each other after reading it.
It seems that so much evil has taken control of the world and to make it even worse, it appears that the devil is receiving cooperation from so many people. We must keep the faith, we must press on, God will not let us down! I personally believe that we’re going to witness an incredible unleashing of God’s power, it just might not come as we expect it to. Although I must say I have a feeling that some of that power will be shown through the actions of our very selves. May we start to follow these words that God has given over these years, may we start to have faith even in ourselves so that He may work through us. As you read a couple of messages ago, Jesus asked us to be silent no more. In the message I will give you this evening our Father is asking us to harness that power and to be with Him within His will. I believe my brothers and sisters that God needs our living example of true Christians, more than He may have ever needed before. Even the very essence of the Christian world seems to be tainted by the evil one with pride, anger, jealousy and other sinful behaviors that I do not think He would be too proud of. Even in my daily dealings I am surprised by the amount of worldly presence that exist even within the Christian environment. We must fight this with every fiber of our being and pray to be good examples for God in all that He taught, regardless of our own desires. Do not let anyone come across us in our daily lives and say, “look at those hypocrites, they speak but do not follow what they say themselves.” Let us pray for one another so that we may become shining examples of His true and real presence in this world and may no one second-guess us because of our actions. Here my friends are His words.

June 1, 2015

Lord: My child be at peace, it is I your Lord and God and Father speaking to you at this time. My son do not worry, do not fear, for I did not give you a spirit of fear, but of love and of trust and of faith, which surpasses all things of this world. My child your mission here is to share my words with all who will listen. Do not worry about how or where or by what means you shall have at your disposal, for I open all of heaven and its graces to accomplish this work. Ask my children, it may seem petty, but ask anyway and then sit back in faith knowing your prayers have been heard and watch your loving Fathers provisions fall in front of you; even though what you may ask for seems impossible for you at the moment. Do not limit yourselves by your finite thinking. Did it make sense to mankind that my son Jesus could walk on water or that He could feed thousands of people with such little provisions in front of Him? You too hold that power of faith within you, you have but to let it free upon the world. This is what the evil one does not want you figuring out, or his ability to cause division and harm would be greatly diminished if not altogether eliminated. My children I have told you this before, look inside for your answers. Commune with us so that we; the Blessed Trinity, can work through your problems with you. Nothing is impossible for your God, but you must believe. You must trust us in order for your prayers to be answered as you have asked. Do not look to man for those answers, at this time you will mostly only find disappointment. But do not worry my children, I have heard you and my plan will come to fruition against the evil one and any who have followed him. Your God will not be mocked and He is a jealous God coming for what is mine. Rest in this my children, rest in me. That is all my son, now go in peace and complete the work for which I send you. I love you, amen.

My Dream in 2010 (as it occurred that night)

Hello my brothers and sisters I hope this message finds you well.

If you have followed these writings over the years, you may be aware that I once mentioned a
long and powerful dream I had in 2010. I did not share this dream as I only share what I feel
God leads me to share. Recently I have been prompted to share this dream, so I will do so after a brief
bit of background.

The night of the dream I had gone to bed after prayer as usual, and had no problem falling deeply
asleep. I woke up at least five or six times that evening, and each time that I awoke and fell back to
sleep, I would return to the dream exactly where I had left off. The next morning I felt that it might
have been a prophetic dream. Because I rely on the intuitions that I receive in my soul, I recorded
the dream in my journal, puzzling a little over it.

Even just five years ago, the world did not seem to be in the condition that it is today. Because I try to
remain obedient to the messages I receive in my soul, I am going to do the best I can to put this in
writing for you. Please bear with me as dreams are sometimes hard to translate into writing. In a little
while I’ll post what I personally believe this dream may mean. For now, here is the dream itself for you
to ponder.

As the dream opened I was standing with a group of people on a grassy strip at the side of an exit ramp
from a very busy highway. The curving exit was slightly above our position, and was a hard right
turn for cars leaving the highway. Standing about 15 feet away from us, right in the middle of the lower
end of the ramp, was a large black bear standing on his hind legs. He was about 12 to 15 feet tall.

The cars speeding around the bend in the exit ramp were smashing into each other, their drivers
screaming in fury that somebody had the stupidity to hit them and cause them harm. We realized that
none of the drivers recognized the bear as the real cause of the accidents. We were amazed that
although we could clearly see that the bear was responsible, none of the drivers involved were even
looking at him, continuing instead to fight with each other.

This melee continued for some time until there were at least 90 cars in the pileup. Those of us standing
on the grassy verge kept making phone calls to the authorities, relating what was happening. Each time
a call was made the authority on the other end showed absolutely no concern. They were not startled
or bothered by the fact that so much damage was occurring against these people. Finally, after some
time someone started screaming, “Does anyone have a gun?” A voice in the group answered back,
“How could we? They’ve taken them all!”

Gradually, a few of the drivers did begin to see the bear and realized that he was the one responsible.
They decided that although their vehicles were badly damaged, they could still use them as devices to
go after the bear. Two or three drivers began using their vehicles to drive him off. As these few
vehicles started to chase the bear away, I saw the 8 foot tall chain-link fence with a wire top that
lined the entire exit ramp. The bear seemed to sense that he was in trouble and fled by jumping
over the fence into the large area of land on the other side. I immediately looked to my left and there
was a woman wearing a uniform and holding a rifle. I suddenly knew that this bear was going to try to
get underground to a place I had not even seen yet, in order to attack the civilization of people that lived
there. I asked the woman , “Will this kill it?” She answered, “The medicine in the dart would put it to
sleep, but eventually it would suffocate and die.”

The bear knew exactly who this woman was and had total hatred in its eyes for her, as well as for me.
Even though it was several hundred yards away, it stared directly at me with its dead eyes which clearly
communicated, “How dare you?” The anger it held for me was something I’ll never forget. To this day
it brings chills. The uniformed woman standing next to me, who I knew was at least an angel if not more,
asked me to keep perfectly still and not to move. She took one shot at the bear which hit it directly in
the neck, and this put it down almost immediately. She then said that I had to go with her so she could
show me what this bear was after. We were on the inside of the chain-link fence, and had to walk along
a very narrow edge of what seemed like thin rock, to get to the entrance where we were going to make
our way down under the ground. I saw that this was a very scary edge that we were walking along,
where one could slip and fall, but I knew that I was in good hands.

Upon entering the underground area, I saw enormous auditoriums carved out of solid rock. Each
one housed thousands of people. (For those of you who saw Pink Floyd’s, The Wall, this might be the
best explanation I can give, as the people were just staring at the screens) Each one of these rooms
had different things playing on screens that were larger than anything I’d ever seen in my life.
What amazed me most about all of these people was that as we walked through each and every room
not one person took their eyes off the screens. It was as if they had absolutely no awareness
whatsoever beyond the screens that they were watching. I also knew instantly that if the bear had
gotten down to these rooms, none of the people would have even noticed that they were under attack,
being in a trancelike numbness which would have allowed him to chew and kill them without their even
caring. I realized how many people had been saved by the actions of the woman.

All of a sudden we were back up top on the large area of land between the chain-link fence and the
bear, but now the appearance of the land was different. I saw several men standing around what
appeared to be a standing luggage rack, which was draped over a metal bar. The bag appeared to be a
zippered luggage bag, large enough to hold many clothes. I was told by these men that my job was to
put my hand inside the bag and pull out what was in it. It was draped in such a way that half of it was
exposed on each side of the bar. I intuitively knew that whatever was inside was not going to be
pleasant to extract. The side of the bag nearest me had three zippered pouches and I reached my
hand into each of the first two, encountering nothing to remove. I looked over at one of the
gentlemen who said, “You do know you have to open the last one, don’t you?” Although I didn’t
want to do this, I unzipped the third area and a liquid-like material started to bleed out. I reached my
hand in, not sure of what I was going to encounter. As I did I suddenly knew that I was pulling out the
Word of God, which had become something no longer respected by the people. It had been hidden
away and forgotten, like an old, musty book. I also knew that what I held in my hands also represented
the church, which had suffered greatly!

As I held the book, I looked over at the men. One of them said, “You need to throw that in the water.” I
asked, “What water?”, for there had previously been no water nearby. He pointed behind me to what
was now a small stream, running in the middle of the grassy median where I had previously been
standing. It appeared to be merging into a slightly larger body of water. I took the book and tossed it
towards the stream. As I did this, the book changed into a small fish which I didn’t think had much of a
chance to live. But as it continued to swim towards the larger body of water the men told me to, “Stand
back!” I asked them why as it appeared that nothing was a threat. They told me once again, “Stand
back!” I did as they instructed, and watched this fish take on a size, strength and power that I could
never have imagined! This fish had become a force to be reckoned with, and nothing was going to hurt

I returned to the men standing by the luggage. Once again the landscape changed and they pointed
in a new direction, telling me that I had to go there. When I looked where the luggage rack used to be,
there was now a tree with many crosses leaning against it. I was instructed to go and choose one of
these crosses. I was not sure what I was supposed to do with it, but at this point I knew I had to be
obedient. I picked a cross and was then told by the men that I had to walk with it to the end of the road.
I placed this cross upon my shoulder and started the long walk down that exit ramp on the other side of
the fence. I don’t know exactly how long it was, but I was very tired by the time I got to the where it
ended in a big open field. Lots and lots of people, were standing and conversing with one another.
Some were partying and others were having serious talks, but everybody was doing something. I knew I
had been sent to plant the cross in the field, and as I did I looked around at all those who I thought
would be looking at me with the cross. To my amazement none of them even noticed me or the cross. I
then knew I had to return to the men at the tree so I walked back again. The men were still there and
they told me, “Take another one.” So I placed a cross upon my shoulder again and walked down this
long, long ramp, again arriving at the open field and placing this cross next to the first one. Once again,
no one seemed to notice.

Then a few of the people started to notice me and elbowed each other and pointed. They were not
affected much more than that and still stayed in their own conversations. I was completely exhausted at
this point, but knew I had to return to the tree once more. I would guess that from the tree to the field
and back was about ten miles. I returned to the men and saw that this time a Franciscan cross stood
before me. I knew this was the cross I had to bear as God had asked me to take Francis as my
Confirmation name. I had no energy left whatsoever, but I started down the long road one last time. I
Felt like I couldn’t do it this time as I was completely spent and utterly exhausted from all the previous
events. Besides, I thought, no one cared what I was doing down there. However, I knew my calling was
to bring this cross and disobedience was not an option for me. So I carried it down to the end of the
ramp, and on to the field once again, placing it in the ground by the others. I was beyond tired and
thought, “Why am I even doing this? They don’t even seem to care?” However, as I leaned over to rest
my back after placing my cross in the ground, I saw a cardboard box which I knew I had to reach into.
As I did so I immediately noticed that I had a microphone and earphones on my head. I also saw that as
I spoke, the people who had been so unobservant before were now of a completely different nature.
The words that I was speaking were now appearing on a huge screen as large as the ones that had been
located underground. As I was speaking and sharing the words God had given me, those words
appeared upon the screen as fast as I spoke them. Just about everyone there was elbowing their
friends or the person next to them and pointing to the screen. Whatever had happened to them had
made an effect that was life changing. Nothing else now mattered to them but the words from God..

At this time I awoke from my dream and started my day. The presence of the dream stayed with me not only that entire day, but for months I could see every bit of what I saw that night.

I am giving this to you as I saw it and without explanation as I said earlier. I hope this somehow makes sense to you and that He may reach you with whatever meaning it has for you. Please share your comments in the section for them as I would like to see what it says to all of you. Thank you for your time in reading this and please continue to pray for the work He has given. Yours in Christ,

God bless.