Be “In” Peace

This is what we are teaching our children?

This is what we are teaching our children?

Look into His eyes and see what He went through so that we could have that right to chooses!

Look into His eyes, it’s as if He is telling us “STOP fighting with each other, this is not why I did this.”

My stomach turns when I see us doing this to ourselves, don't we have enough enemies?

My stomach turns when I see us doing this to ourselves, don’t we have enough enemies?








Good evening my brothers and sisters I hope you are having a very blessed day.
Once again I have purposely left this blog as it was, but this time it was due to what we were going through as a country here in the United States. The conclusion of that process then became a very apparent answer to prayer. The reason I say this may not be for the reason you think I may be saying this. I am saying this because on the night of our election for president of our country I was very tired and truly just wished to go to bed. This however was not God’s plan for me that night. As I was getting ready to find my slumber for the evening our Lord directed me to get up and to pray at that moment for our country. He asked me to pray that the hearts of all of those who are still voting would be open. That was it… He did not ask me to pray for one candidate or another but just to pray for their hearts to be open. This I did for quite a while, I offered a very powerful rosary for this intention as well. I went to bed like most people feeling hopeless to some degree because of all of the corruption and all of the sleight-of-hand that seemed to be going on that day as you heard story after story of what was happening at the poling stations. I knew God would use whatever happened that night, but I never expected to be awoken at 3 o’clock in the morning by my wife to tell me the outcome. Now you will notice that I have not mentioned anyone’s names or parties because that is not what was important. What was important was knowing that God’s will was going to be done that evening. You will also notice I have put a couple of pictures of our candidates on this posting. The reason I did that is because the message I am posting tonight talks about the importance of being “in” peace. The outcome of our election showed us that far too many people do not choose to live that way. If we will only follow what He asked us to do than all of the rest of these problems would go away. However because no one is calling Satan on the carpet and announcing where he is, our brothers and sisters have grown divided from one another. It is time for us to join together with the one common denominator that we all love, Jesus! If we will only do that Satan will once again fall from the sky; figuratively speaking. Just like the dream I had where the bear was causing the accidents but yet everybody was fighting with each other, the world is in great need of a wake-up call. Please listen to the message I received from our loving Father, it’s as if he knew exactly what was going to happen… Because He did 🙂     thank you Lord for hearing our prayer!

October 4, 2016

Lord: My child be at peace, it is I your Lord and God and Father. My son many times before have I told you to be “at” peace, but today I give you a further command: Be “In” Peace! To be “in” peace means to be in me is I am in you. It is a way of existing in this world away from all of the evil and confusion. It is a gift to be this way, a way completely detached from the world around you. A way that surpasses all understanding and gives you a knowing that your almighty God is present with you at all times. I am at the center of every circumstance and in every blessing you receive. At the end of your life here on earth you will receive knowledge of where I was at every aspect of your existence. You will be very surprised when you see all the things that were sent as blessings to you, many of these things you did not have the ability to understand because you were not living “in” peace at the time. You will learn that all things sent to you were for your good even if it did not appear so at the time. For now, until you have completed your mission here on this earth, may you all strive to live “in” peace. The world is in great need of this, the church is in desperate need of teaching this. Maybe your prayer this day to be an instrument of this piece and may you be an example to others who so desperately need it. That is all my son, now go and be “in” peace. I love you, amen.

Look at the habitual areas of your life to expose the devil

Are any of these familiar to us?

Are any of these familiar to us on a frequent basis?


If only we would see it this way!

If only we would see it this way!









Good evening my brothers and sisters, as always I hope this latest post finds you well.
I spent some time this evening before creating this post reading through my latest journal book. Although I have some recent messages to share with all of you, I felt very drawn to one of the ones that I could not complete for you in August of this past year. I felt drawn to it because of the light that it sheds on each one of us regarding ourselves. It also sheds light on the workings of the evil one in places within us that we would probably not want to see. Our Lord makes it very clear in this message that we are extremely responsible for how much cooperation we have given to “red legs” when it comes to our daily behaviors and patterns of habit. It is always easier to see the devil without than the devil within. I guess another way to say that is to quote Jesus himself when he said, “look at the log in your own I and then you will be able to see the splinter within your brother’s eye”. So as I share with you this evening what our Lord gave me that day, I urge you to take the time to read these words over and over again, making sure that they sink deeply into your heart and soul so that His truth can make us free. I could go on about this for quite some time but I think you get the idea. As always, it is His message that matters and not my viewpoint. May His words reach you where they are needed most. Until next time…….


August 2, 2016

Lord: My child be at peace, it is I your Lord and God and Father. My son, be not surprised at what you see happening around you, for it has all been foretold to you that it would. Evil is everywhere and it appears to be flourishing. In some cases it is,… at the moment. Please remember my children that Satan and all of his fallen Angels of death would have absolutely no power over you, or this world, if you did not cooperate in his lies and deceit. Know this however, that even though it may appear that he owns the entire world, he has already been defeated by the sacrifice of my son Jesus on the cross for your sins. Because of this, grace was returned to mankind from the fall and has left Satan absolutely powerless over even death. Look for him now my children and see his deceitful and sneaky ways he has entered into your lives. At every finding of him there, you will find unhappiness and destruction directed at taking you away from me and my plans for you. Do not give into any of his tricks. Protect yourselves and your families from any and all evil. He has no access to you without your cooperation in his offer to you. Do not look for large areas of your life and expect to find him, look at the small habitual areas of your life and you will discover where he has taken a foothold. He doesn’t want you seeing him there for fear you may turn to me. Once he is discovered, choose against him and repent for what you find. I will forgive you and strengthen you in that area of your soul so that you may once again find peace. Remember my children, look at the habitual areas of your life to expose him. Some of you may be very surprised at what you may find. That is all my son, now go in peace and share the words I’ve given to you. It is time to fight back. I love you, amen.

The tide is changing my children

You can't even see that anything is in motion...

You never even see it coming…


…Until the proof is in front of our eyes!








Good evening my brothers and sisters, I hope this finds you well. Please do not be upset with the fact that I did not post anything in almost a month, that last message was THAT important! Let us not forget it in the coming times.

I will do the best I can to describe to you what I experienced with this next message. It will have to take you back to when you were a kid and you could feel the wind blowing through your windows on a warm and breezy summer day. A time when you felt like all was right in the world and you wish it would never end. That is what happened to me while sitting at mass a while ago. I had this incredible feeling of being a little kid again, before all this worry you have to take on as an adult. The feeling stayed with me long after the message was received and written down. It gave me hope that one day things would be good again, that we would have those days again when everything just felt right! I guess that is one of the effects of living in such a sinful world as we do now. I even went as far as to ask one of my children (he is 13) if he could recall a day like that since he has been alive and to my disappointment he said, “no.” How sad to think that our children have had to grow up in such a dangerous and filthy society. May all this be coming to an end with God’s final plan for evil. I will let you read the message that I received about the changes that are coming soon. I loved the way God compared them to a wave that starts out in the ocean far-far away and grows as it comes into shore, we just don’t see it until it hits the sands. Oh we of little faith… until next time, God bless!


August 30, 2016


Lord: Yes my son it is I your Lord and God and Father. Write down what I say to you this day. My child everything you experienced in your memories of those peaceful and relaxing days was given to you as hope for the future. The world in all of its entirety feels the oppression of evil and the feeling of despair and hopelessness has gripped the hearts of many of my children. Those experiences you remembered, those feelings of peace and lack of worry or fear shall come again. Persevere my little ones, persevere through this trial and do not lose hope for victory has already been won, it just hasn’t had the time for you to experience the effects of it yet. As is said, it is always darkest before the dawn and this is no different. Just because the appearance is that Satan is winning and perhaps has already won, this could not be further from the truth. He is simply having his moment of temporary gain soon to be shattered into a million pieces by the weight of my mercy. It is love and truth that will conquer, for my children wish to know the truth. Soon that will become a reality to all people. The tide is changing my children, but just like it does with the ocean, you cannot understand (that the tide has changed) until the waves have reached the land and you see for yourself that the water has indeed decreased. The wave of truth you have been praying for has already been set in motion, it just has not reached the shore yet so you cannot see it. This is the reason for such a need of increased prayer. True faith is that which is not seen with the eyes but understood in the spirit. Pray for this my children, for it is a gift of grace that I give to you. Return to those memories as often as you can from now until you see the waves reach the sands, this will be a place of peace for all of you. Do not worry my children, I will not be late, for all things have a purpose unto heaven, even this. That is all my son, now go and spread the good news that this time shall see its end. I love you, amen.

Do not leave Peter because of Judas

Good evening my brothers and sisters, I hope this posting finds you well.
I will be sharing with you this evening a message I received on August 11 after morning mass. The thing about this message that struck me was that I had a similar message once before. The last time I received something that was telling me not to leave Peter because of Judas, it was the beginning of the information that was to be released regarding abuse by our priests; not long after that message, the news broke. I listened then as I am listening now, I am not sure what is coming but I am very sure that something is.
I have been studying ascetical and mystical theology for the last several months and I am very thankful that God led me to that in a vision I received in prayer. Although this has been incredible for my spirit and my soul and has helped me tremendously in seeing things more through God’s eyes, it has also left me extremely sad when looking at the state of our church and the lack of leadership coming from our shepherds. It is their job to be teaching us about our soul and about the existence of God in our lives, not just to give us a watered down story for 10 minutes every Sunday. What happened to the Fulton Sheen’s or the Padre Pio’s? They could have cared less what people thought of them, they only had to answer to God. I don’t think we have to look very far to find that answer. Pope Leo was correct, the smoke of Satan has definitely infiltrated the church. I don’t know about you, but I want to hear my pastors speaking the truth, no matter what people think! I want to hear them tell us right from wrong and to be careful to not lose our salvation due to following all of this erroneous crap that surrounds us on a daily basis, from either our government or any of the groups that appear to be wielding power because their disgusting morally bankrupt ideologies have gained support by those who sold paradise for what they have here. I have so much to talk about when it comes to this and what God has shown me regarding it, I almost wish I had a radio program to speak to you throughout the day and give you all of the spiritual insights He has given me. This however is not feasible, so I will make due with this little blog. I will now give you the message that He gave me and let you discern it for yourselves. Until next time my brothers and sisters, God bless.

August 11, 2016

Lord: My child be at peace, it is I your Lord and God and Father. Write this down. The time is upon you, evil is upon the world now my son and it will start to manifest itself in ways you cannot believe would occur. Do not worry, for when you see this you will know that the sands of the hourglass are running out. Pray my son and ask all of my faithful children to pray so that you may be protected, especially your senses, from the attack of the evil one. Soon my son, the devil will make his final attempt at the destruction of my church and of faith as you understand it. Remember what you heard many years ago about the onslaught of evil that was to be revealed; the sin against the innocent that was brought to light at the cost of the good name of my church. Do not leave Peter because of Judas. Follow my voice and follow the truth, you will know in your heart what is and what is not of me. Pray for the gifts of the Holy Spirit, especially the gifts of wisdom and understanding. Do not lose hope my children no matter what you see or hear, for all of this must occur. The great and terrible day must come so that Scripture can be fulfilled, but for all of you who have read them, then will come the triumph of good over evil. All of the sin and filth you are surrounded by will be no more, the influence of the evil one shall be broken and all who followed him knowingly shall be cast away to burn in the fires prepared for Satan and his angels. Be at peace my children and focus on me and the good things I have waiting for those who endure to the end. Pay no more attention to the news or your media which has been under the influence of evil as it has been rewarded with money and power, all of this a lie from the beginning. Spend your precious time looking upward and focusing on the good things your God has planned for all of you. Soon the battle will be at the doorstep of your heart, then it shall be over. That is all my son, now go and share the words I have given to you. I love you, amen.

God said it was a sad day :(

Why would we not change these where we can?

Why would we not change these where we can? While it is still in OUR power to do so?

Is this why he suffered for us? How much that must hurt!

Is this why he suffered for us? How much that must hurt!









Hello my brothers and sisters.

I have a message but also an interesting “nugget” to think on today. Our Lord taught me something I think you will all find both uplifting and somewhat disappointing at the same time.

There I was just sitting and reading my Magnificat and meditating on the scripture readings on Saturday morning of last week when all of a sudden God puts it on my heart that I had to get to confession and do it quickly. I thought about this for a second and remembered what one of the priests told me recently, “you don’t have to come to confession that often, your sins are forgiven at mass.” This placed within me the idea that I was being too “traditional” or “strict” as a catholic. He led me to feel like I was wasting their time (that whole 30 minutes they have to hear thousands of families worth of sins). I felt this way up until I was standing in the confessional line that morning. I heard some people mention behind me to some others standing there that they were from the same parish as I and that the priests were “tired of hearing their confession over and over again”. This resonated with me as to what I heard, but God asked me to be there, and I was going to do as I was told. I was the first into the confessional and I started my confession when the priest at this church told me that “God sent me there this morning”, and “I had to keep coming frequently, at least once a month. Although this flew in the face of my own priests advice, I knew it was good advice!

Fast forward to the day of my message and it was now the celebrated day of The Portiuncula Indulgence, where all sin and temporal punishment could have been removed from ALL Catholics. I was praying after morning mass when I received my message, but it taught me something. Our Father said that every time someone in the body of Christ is forgiven, the entire body is affected. The same goes for every time someone sins too (the entire body is affected). Just for that fact alone, can you imagine what our priests are going to have to answer for when they have told us not to come for that sacrament frequently? After all, who here is without sin….? NOT I says this disciple. See what you think of the message. By the way my confirmation in this came when I shared the message with my wife and she got angry saying, ” I never heard about this at church! Why weren’t we told? All the kids could have received it as well”. H’mm……..

August 2, 2016

I asked our Lord after communion if there was anything He wished me to write this day and this is what I heard.

Lord: Yes my son, write the words in which I give you this day.

My child be at peace, it is I your Lord and God and Father. Today my son is a sad day, but not because of what you might think. It is a sad day because many souls that could have been saved this day were not due to the lack of shepherding coming from my chosen ones, your priests. Today is a day granted as a grace to my trusted Francis of Assisi and then to the entire church for the removal of all temporal punishment and the sin itself from the existence of your very beings. A day where many could have started anew in their lives and none of the past would be before them at the judgement. But sadly for many who will leave this world today and in the future, this grace was not taken advantage of, some never even knew it was available. For those souls I ask for your prayers and sacrifices for they are your brothers and your sisters. Not one soul perishes without sadness for the body of Christ my son. My son died so that you may rise and so that you would have graces like today to celebrate His sacrifices for you and allowing the forgiveness of your sins as well as the punishment due to them. Just as I did for Israel, I wish to do for each of you; forgive you and rebuild you. Now is a crucial time in history for all of my children and their childrens children. Pray, sacrifice and offer me praise asking me to relent the punishment my children have so woefully earned. Understand this my son, for every soul capable of receiving this grace today that didn’t punishment was not lessened, for the scales of justice were not moved toward mercy, but for everyone who did receive it those sins and that earned punishment is no more. Now do you understand why I said it was a sad day? I know those responsible for this lack of instruction and they will pay the severest penalties. Pray for them my children, for any who receive forgiveness, the entire body is effected (and healed). That is all my son, now go in peace in your new place in this world: one without sin or consequence. It was wise of you to take advantage of it. I love you, amen.

In order to increase, you must first decrease

Good evening my brothers and sisters, I hope you’re all doing well when this reaches you.
I just like you have sat horrified at what I have seen going on this world around me. Without a doubt it seems that all hell has truly broken loose on this earth. We can see everything playing out on the stage before us, I just don’t think enough people have recognized who the real characters are. They are in disguise if you would, they are older than man itself and angrier than I believe they have ever been. They just seem to be taking names here and playing out roles in politics, finance and every other sort of area that interferes with us living in peace. I left the Independence Day message up on purpose so that everybody would read that and not forget what is said. At the same time I opened my journal book and started reading some of the writings to see what I was going to share with you, when I came across this one is felt like it needed to go out. As I have said before I have hundreds that I am not able to share in the time I have here. Pray for me as the Lord has asked me to write a book with them in it. I however remain unemployed so we will just have to see how the Lord provides for that. I do not want to make my comments long here because as always it’s His message that matters and not me. Read what our Lord has to say and I hope it will help others as it has me. Until next time brothers and sisters, God bless.

Jan 26, 2016

Lord: My child be at peace, it is I your Lord and God and Father.
Little by little you are understanding my ways. This is crucial at this time so you can uncover with the evil one is doing with his false truths and deceptions. You my son are learning the ways of the soul, but as you can see they are the very opposite of what you have been taught in this world as the idea of success. In order to increase, you must first decrease. This is something that goes back as far as mankind itself and I have always struggled with generation after generation. The devil wants to enact fear and worry in all of my children. How then can they trust when they are filled with such anxiety? This replaces the one with the other, just like life versus death. I told you I give you both to choose from, but only one leads to peace. If my children truly understood the writings in the sacred Scriptures they would not be surprised about any of this for it is clearly written… but seldom taught. Not all suffering is bad, nor all discipline. You as a parent now know this differently than you did growing up as a child, now you finally start to understand. In order for you to help your children where they truly need it, you have to redirect their path and change their focus. I am no different with my children, only the adjustments I need to make sometimes uproot their entire lives, then sometimes they do not. Only I know what each of you needs, leave it all to me and I will direct your paths and show you the way you are to go and with whom you are to journey. This is the reason for trust my son, it opens the doors of my mercy and allows me to act in powerful ways in your lives. Do not give up hope my children, do not give into the evil one and his deceptions. All is well my children. Now go in peace my son and spread the good news that I give to you. I love you, amen.

A message for Independence Day

He cares so much for us

He cares so much for us


A blessed and inspired document of protection

A blessed and inspired document of protection


Heaven cries for US

Heaven cries for US







Hello my brothers and sisters, I wish you a happy Fourth of July.
I will probably leave my part on this very short as I do not have much time, but I feel it is urgent that I get this message out to you tonight regarding the celebration of our great nation. God did not seem to pleased with us today at mass when He shared the message I will give you this evening. So for now let’s pay attention to the words that He speaks when he says for us to “Pray” for our country, our leaders and our church. I will keep this short and speak to you soon, God bless.

July 4’th 2016

Lord: My child be at peace, it is I your Lord and God and Father. Do not be dismayed at your current situation for you are in the palm of my hand and I will let no harm come to you or your family. Look around you my son, look at the land I blessed so abundantly that now appears as a canker sore of sin that is seen on the face of my creation. Everything around you that looks mighty will fall. Just as the great Temple was, so shall be this country be and its leaders. I have given so much to my children here, blessed them with all the blessings a country could ask for and still they dishonor me and my laws for mankind. It is all a facade, and one that will come tumbling down collapsing the walls of pride and greed that support those in power. Isn’t it sad my son that I receive more thanks and praise from those you would call destitute and coming from underdeveloped nations than I receive from my children of this great nation that I’ve given so much to? Pray for your country my children and pray for your leaders who will have to answer for every rule they have made and for every one of my children affected by them, good and bad. Pray my children that I will relent of my punishment for these grave sins against me. Pray and sacrifice more for the sins of mankind, especially those within the rankings of my holy church that was built upon the blood of those who died for it; starting with my son Jesus Christ. Pray for peace my children so that I may grant it to this world that is in such desperate need of it. Please my children heed my call, for the trumpet has blown and the word has been sent to purify my creation. Do not be caught unprepared.
That is all my son, now go and pray for the peace I have requested. I love you, amen.