So many Jonah’s

Hello my brothers and sisters, I pray you all are well! I will just say a day or two early to each and every one of you… Merry CHRISTmas! As we approach the day of His birth we can reminisce on the many prophets who came announcing His birth or others who were asked to carry certain messages to certain people. One that comes to mind for me, especially after this writing I received, is Jonah. Yes, I know it appears hypocritical to speak about someone who was so reluctant to send a message that God asked him to, especially when I SUCK at doing it myself! I do believe however that God is calling many to share His word today; maybe more than He has called in the past? Why are we so reluctant? Why do we worry so about doing such? The answers to these questions I do not have for you but I can share a story about a friend of mine from work who I love and who prays with me every week. We will call him Jonah for a lack of a name. Jonah has been sending me things or texting me things a lot lately, when I see what the content of the message is I call him to thank him, for it was a confirmation for me about something I was just praying about. After about the third time in a week of him doing this I asked him if this happened to him often? He responded with, “I usually push these things off when I feel them, but this time I have been following the prompts I have received”. Thank God he has, it has been a true life saver for me in certain areas. Think about this the next time you feel a nudge from God to do a specific thing, even if it feels uncomfortable to do so. As you know I do not like making this about me or my life, it is about the message! This time however I felt a need to share this with you so you could possibly identify with Jonah and do something different about it. Please read the message and see how our Father is talking to us about being “Jonah’s”. God bless my brothers and sisters and once again… Merry CHRISTmas!!!!

November 8, 2017

Lord: My son write down what I say to you, for many need to hear these words.

My child be at peace, it is I your Lord and God and Father, along with my son and the Holy Spirit. My child do not be afraid to share my words, for they are meant for all out of love. My child there are so many Jonah’s in the world today. So many that I have chosen to share my words and my guidance, but just like you they tend to shy away for one reason or another from speaking what I have given them. Do not be like Jonah, for the day is coming that will make the three days that Jonah spent in the belly of the whale seem like nothing. The day is coming my child that will bring ultimate truth to the world. A world that just like Jonah was not ready to hear it. My little ones if you don’t speak for me, then who will? Will it be your leaders? No, for they are too concerned about their place in life and the loss of popularity that would come. Will it be my church and those I have called to be another Jesus for you? No, they have fallen for a great lie and their test has been extreme; their love lies in the gluttony and the greed, for this they will answer. Will it be from the media or the other places I gave you the gift of technology to use to spread my word? No, this has become a cesspool and a place of atrocity to your Lord. The world is broadcasted sins and lies and for the most part has chosen to believe and even defend it. Satan has launched an attack against my creation and my church on every level. He has launched it on the senses; a battlefield that has become littered with lust for the flesh and power and greed. He has launched it on the intellect; a place given as a gift from me to allow you to understand that of which I share. This has become a mini-god to many. Their pride and their ego feed here.They have removed me from my place at the table and have decided that they know better now. That my boundaries for moral behavior and the way of living here as the body of Christ is somehow in error. Fools…, who do they think they are? After all, with all of the inventions of mankind and all that has come to pass leading them to feel this way, they are still exactly what I made them. They are souls living this life of challenge and obedience to my commands and will be accountable for all that they have said and done to themselves, but especially to others. He has launched it on idealism and belief. He has set a trap that has sent many to perdition because they have chosen to create and defend an idealism that feeds the other areas of this battle. This has been a multifaceted attack designed to confuse, to tempt and ultimately remove you from the eternal banquet that I have prepared for all of those who love me. My child, so many of my children are in great need of this information. So many are unprepared for the day of truth that will be arriving shortly. With this information, they can make a decision to stop empowering these attacks. For many it will change that day entirely. Once again my children if not you, then who will share this with them? I have called many of you to the task, but many of you are either too busy or have refused my invitation. Please accept this writing given to my servant as my official invitation once again. Ask yourselves my children the same question my apostle Peter did; to whom shall we go? In this answer my little ones you will find your eternity. That is all my son, now please go and share this with all who will listen. I love you my son, amen. Do not wait my children to answer this call for the day is almost upon you; for many of you it may be too late.



The TRUE gift!

May we NEVER forget what this is really all about!

May we NEVER forget what this is really all about!

Only I know how to make something beautiful out of so much pain

Hello my brothers and sisters, as usual I hope this posting finds you all to be well.
As we are coming upon the most holy time of the year I pray that God reaches us in ways we have never experienced. I don’t know about any of you but it seems to me to be less commercial across the board. This may be due to the fact that we no longer watch cable television or See commercials in our home. This is a tremendous blessing and one that I recommend very highly to all of you! As I share this writing with you tonight I want to make note of something. When I heard this message I felt a deep understanding of what God was telling us. According to what I received we are definitely in a time of testing. A time of testing that seems to be personal as well as a time of testing that appears to be for our church itself. I know I have been going through my own turmoil in life recently and it has been very challenging, but I also know that God is here with us through it all. May grace be obtained for each and every one of us that are going through these trials. On a personal note I will remind all of us of one simple thing, we do not have to hold power or have influence over others to affect their lives. All we need to do is to learn to reach down inside of us and harness the power of the Almighty and He will change people’s lives with His words more than we could ever have dreamed. I am a testimony of that effect and I wish to shout out to a brother of mine who has reached out to me in support and say, “thank you for thinking of me and my family at this time it has meant the world to us!”

So my brothers and sisters may we all be a witness and a cause in other people’s lives so that by the thousands people will ask us where we get what we resemble? Listen on as I share with you what our Father taught me regarding these times.


December 3, 2016

Lord: My child be at peace, it is I your Lord and God and Father. Do not think that I do not see the heart my son. I know the loneliness and the despair many of my children are feeling, yourself included. Now is the time of great distress, now is the time of the testing of my church. As you know, at the time all discipline feels like pain, but it produces the fruit of the spirit that is so needed in your time. Offer all things to me my children. Only I know how to make something beautiful out of so much pain and disappointment: look to the story of my son if you need an example. Through His discipline all have the opportunity of being saved. Through His stripes you were healed. So many have forgotten what He has done for them and think I don’t understand what they are going through. This could not be further from the truth. I am here my children, I have always been here and I am also present in your future. I am at all places at all times, this is something that your flesh does not comprehend but your spirit does. Stop living for the flesh my children it will only disappoint you each and every time. Remember I designed you and I created you to enjoy your life, but only to find real fulfillment in me. Everything else is a temporary and shallow source of true joy and it will only leave you wanting for more. This is what Satan counts on when he lays his traps before you. He knows your weaknesses, he has seen them all of your lives and he does all that he can to manipulate them. Do not fear my children, the power within you given in baptism is greater than any plan Satan can attempt to come up with. Learn how to harness that power my little ones, learn to call on the power of the God within you. Do this with certainty, do this with authority, do this with Trust and he will have no choice but to flee from you for he cannot stand to be in the presence of someone so strong in the spirit. This my children is your journey, weaken and conquer the flesh and give rise to the spirit within you. Call on me and I will be there, in fact I already am. That is all my son, now go in peace and tell others to call on the spirit of their God within them and they will see what I have been teaching you. I love you, amen.

Do Not Long For What Destroys…

Our role models!

Our role models!


King of the Universe

King of the Universe


I love the guitar player... not easy to do in the cold :)

I love the guitar player… not easy to do in the cold 🙂







Good evening my brothers and sisters, I hope you are doing well and depending on where you are located that you are bearing this storm without issue. It was funny to me to see that the name of the storm stood for Jonah, as I have a particular relationship with the understanding of his call. I hope and pray that if that was a warning for Washington and all of the politicians, that they will have received it and will change their ways to do better in the sight of God.
Also on that note, I ask you your prayers for me as I have been struggling to find someone in the church that would undertake these writings and continue to give me direction. Whether it is a sign of the times, or just where I am now, it seems increasingly more difficult to find someone in the church that has studied the teachings acquired over the last two thousand years about this subject, or have aspired to truly live a “spiritual” life so they be an example for us today. Please do not get me wrong, I am not saying that the priests and others I have tried to communicate with about this are doing a poor job at what they do each day, or are not helping others, just that there seems to be a very limited few who have obtained that level of spiritual growth themselves and can teach it to us accordingly. This has led me to have to remain steadfast as I am and to be patient waiting on God’s response. This has truly been part of the cross to bear throughout these 20+ years. I am so thankful to God for the blessed people He has placed into my life and for the directors that took me on under their wing and helped me to get to this point in my journey. For any priest or religious reading this right now, I say “thank you” for all that you do in God’s name. Please however, understand that we your flock desire to be taught deeper about this great mystery that is our life during our time here on this earth, and that we are looking to you for that need. That goes for me and the many that I have spoken to within the church. In these troubled times this world needs many more examples of those that we should follow so that the ones that we see all around us can be replaced with better. I saw the story this evening on the group from the pro-life March that were stuck on Pennsylvania Turnpike. That my friends is a witness, the Lord used that to reach so many thousands of people who never would’ve heard or cared about the march if it wasn’t for that story. Thank you fathers, and thank you brothers and sisters, for showing us a great example. Hopefully as I share this reading with the rest of you now, you will hear what God shared with me about attracting others and helping them on their journey to yearn for Him in this world and the one to come, just like our Pennsylvania brethren.
Please do not take what I said regarding my experiences within our church the wrong way, I just think it’s time that our shepherds pay more attention to the needs of our souls than anything else they could hope to accomplish in the roles they have accepted as a living Jesus. I do not want anyone to be upset with them, I only ask you to pray for them, for I am sure that is God’s will. May our Lord be pleased with us all in what we do for Him…

January 13, 2015

Lord: My child be at peace, it is I your Lord and God and Father. I have heard your prayers this morning and I will bless what is holy in your intentions, just as I will bless what is holy in all of the intentions given to me. Do not be focused on what you do not have my children, but instead be pleased with all I have given you in this world. Gratitude goes a long way here and in the world you live in. Be happy as you are and live a blessed life no matter what the circumstances, and people will be drawn to you to try to receive what you have. That is when they will learn that it is a life lived with me that gives them this peace and prosperity. Do not long for what destroys here, but instead what nurtures the soul. The same soul that will come and live with me here in paradise. All that you need shall be given to you my son, but more than you can imagine awaits any who follow my path and who complete the mission for which I sent them. Be at peace, even among all the confusion you experience here; let that be your goal. Through a peaceful and trusting heart I can work miracles in this world. Resign yourself to my will for you and I will lead you down your path that I have chosen. Acceptance of my will is a great virtue to acquire. Pray for this and I shall give you this gift. Remember to ask so that you may receive, seek so that you may find, and knock so that I may open doors for you. That is all my son, now go in peace. I love you, amen.

Look Inside and You Shall Find All That Your Heart Desires

Remember when this was normal to see?

Remember when this was normal to see?

What a feeling this was to see

What a feeling this was to see

The government actually celebrated it

The government actually celebrated it






Now we have this....

Now we have this….

And this....

And this….


Hello my brothers and sisters I hope you had a very joyful and blessed CHRISTmas season! Ours was a very busy one, but blessed all the same. It is always a special treat when you have five children running around “ever so calm” and driving each other crazy 🙂
Much as I tried to keep my mind focused on the reason for the season, I was surrounded with reminders of how far away this society has come from the central focus of our faith and what should be a celebration that can be shared with all without issue.
I don’t know about you but it is just not the same as it was, when we as parents now, were younger. Even something as simple as Christmas decorations have seemed to almost all but disappear, certainly it was rare for me to see things that remind me of the truth. I tried explaining to my children what things were like then versus what they are like now, to my surprise they were quite jealous. They said they wished that everyone would be walking around town wishing all a Merry CHRISTmas and seeing all of the decorations displayed on almost every building and or house. Yes, it was a very different time, one that seemed almost mystical compared to the feeling of the world today. This is one of the reasons I see the importance of the messages shared here to reach even more people than ever before! The world needs HOPE and Direction to lead us back to the truth and a PURPOSE for being here, I believe that is what these have been able to do for me as well.
This purpose seems so important that it is seeming to take on its own life right before my eyes. Please pray for me and my partners as we prayerfully discern opening a non-profit healthcare… no, make that a soul care ministry. It will be a place where everyone who enters is fed at every level of their being, Body/Mind/Heart&Soul! As you can imagine, this will take meeting the right people who wish to be a part of it as well as finding people who wish to support it in every way possible. I ask these prayers my friends as I share with you one of the recent messages I received from Jesus filling us with the realization of His help and guidance, if we would just ask and TRUST. I wish you all a blessing from almighty God as you read this, and as always pass it on to whomever you think needs to hear the words. God Bless!

PS. Even though things seemed impossible this year, God showed himself  through the working of others to make this a possibility for us to have what we needed, to those of you who did I send a Very Special Thank You from all of us.

Dec 1, 2015

Lord: My child be at peace, it is I your Lord and God and Savior Jesus. Peace my child, Peace. Ask all of my children to accept and to share my peace. Today Father asked you to reflect on that during your day and especially during times of trial like you are experiencing now. Learning to capture that peace during these difficult times, transcends and removes you from the difficulty. This in turn allows you to give it to me and place it into my hands. Then my child, like any good parent, I will resolve your situation for you as long as it is good for your soul and not detrimental to your growth. All of the prayers you have placed into my hands shall be handled by your God in the most loving and compassionate way for you. I will open closed doors and make way a crooked path; this is how much I love you and I have this same love for all of my children. Do not fear no matter what your situation, for I AM works outside of time and outside of the roadblocks that seem to be all around you. Love my people my son by sharing this word that I give to you. So many need to know this love exists and that they can come and receive. The evil one wants to spread hopelessness to everyone and annihilate the faith that is left in the world, but he will not succeed because of the plan I have and how many of my children are answering my call for them at this time. Do not let him fool you into thinking he has won, this is only a temporary appearance soon to be shattered by the arm of my Father. Be at peace my children, remember I said to you that not as the world gives it do I give it (the peace). Look inside and you shall find all that your heart desires. Do not spend time foolishly like the virgins with no oil for their lamps, always be ready for I AM is coming soon. That is all my child, now go in peace and spread the word that my children are loved. I love you, amen.

Jesus calls us ALL to raise a voice against satan and his evil!

The light of Truth

What will we see when He shows us His Truth?

Hello my brothers and sisters I hope you are doing well this beautiful Sunday.
I was searching through my journal entries and trying to discern which one of these to bring forth to you. As I was doing such, a news link caught my eye. It was a link about how Oregon has now outlawed counselors from discussing with minors their twisted and deformed feelings towards the same sex. I cannot believe the amount of evil that has been moved forward by those in power. It seems like everybody who has been placed into office to do our work they are paid to do has stepped forward to do their own and the work of the evil one. So as I saw this story and read its contents my spirit was stirred up to put this message forward. God is now asking us to do something about this evil, to stand up and to make our voices heard. He is telling me to share with you His desire for us to stand up for what we believe. I do not know entirely what this means, as I, just as you, are trying to discern what we are called to do. I do know however we need to get all of the politicians and leaders OUT OF OFFICE NOW or as soon as possible using our votes! We must be using other vehicles at our disposal as well. Just like the evil one we have access through the Internet and books, through all sorts of communication pieces; lets use his own tools against him. In the message I will share with you after this one you will see that God is saying soon this fight will be at our doorstep. I know that Satan’s reign is ending and that he has had his 100 years or so to test us. I also find it ironic that I was discussing with a friend 2 to 3 weeks ago that my spirit felt that there was something about Mary appearing in 1917 and warning the world. I wondered if she had appeared in Medugorje to announce the end of this reign and that 2017 may be the end or near the end of it. The reason I found it ironic was that there was a story published just a few days ago from a priest who may be feeling the same thing; Mary both opens and closes the era. Anyhow once again we’re going to use this blog as a communication device between the body of Christ, specifically I am going to mention using the comments section so that you can all speak to each other through it. I will put forth the message to you now as well as remind you that the dream that I said I would put on the blog will be done very shortly by the editor. I will take this moment to specifically call out to Anne and ask her as well as all of you to share these messages and the dream I will give you like never before. My spirit says the time has come my friends, may we truly be ready.

May 10, 2015

Lord: my child be at peace it is I your Lord and God and Savior Jesus. My child much suffering exists in your world today. All of this however must come to pass before my father’s plan shall come to fruition. My precious little ones, I am not the only one to suffer for the world, but you also carry that cross. The blood of the martyrs fills the cup and it now surely overfloweth with the sins of mankind. My child I died so all might live and to give you life in abundance. Was this all for nothing you might ask, as it seems that Satan has taken control of your homes and laws? This will not last my children, soon he will have an end put to his temporary reign upon this earth. Soon a great light will awaken all mankind to the truth. This will be a revelation of perfect truth and not the opinions of those who have been blinded by the false promises of sin and corruption. Since the beginning of time my father’s plan was set into action to bring you to where you are right now, the brink of the destruction of the grasp that Satan and all his evil spirits have seemed to cast on the world. His reign has been a temporary one but it has caused a large number of souls to go to perdition due to it. Justice shall come my child, just be patient and wait for it. This however does not mean you standstill and do nothing about what is around you each day. Once again I call my disciples to guard, once again I call all to raise a voice against the evil of the world. Do not sit back, on the contrary I wish you to speak. Shout if you must that your God is real and He loves you. Also I wish you to pass on the message to be ready for my coming. I am coming in light my children to wake up the world. Do not be sleeping for you do not know the hour or the day I shall come. For some of you it may be too late. Look to the cross my children and see how much I loved you to die such a horrible death. Just know that I would do it all over again for each one of you. Go my child and tell them all to be ready, I AM is on His way. That is all, now go in peace and tell the world to be ready. I love you, amen.

We are told to be ready…. are we?

Good evening my brothers and sisters and happy Divine Mercy to you! I hope you’re all well this Divine Mercy Sunday and that God will be offering you tremendous graces from His riches this night. What a wonderful thing to think about, that we have been forgiven of all of our sins and all of our temporal punishment because of the richness of God’s mercy. Speaking of which, you’ll have to forgive me for my absence lately, I have been knocked down pretty hard and suffering excruciating pain from some dental issues that have left me suffering and missing out on some time that I had dedicated to this including holy Easter Sunday. With my apologies I offer you all a very blessed and happy Easter; belated of course 🙂
However I am back and being obedient to our Lord’s calling. As I sat and meditated this evening asking God what He wished me to post He led me to the following message. I know that as I share these things they are not applicable to all people at all times, but I think we can gain some wisdom no matter what. I certainly look around me and see plenty of what God is talking about and pray that those who have fallen for the lies will be awakened while they still can. I now offer you a message I received in mid-March after my morning prayer and praying the armor of God. He moved me to write after my prayer time in this is what He said.

March 12, 2015

Lord: My son be at peace, it is I your Lord and God and Father. So much is coming upon the world that so many of my precious children are unprepared for. They have spent so much on that of which does not matter and so little time on that which does. One has been withering away and dying since the moment of its conception, one has been born to live forever and longs to be with me. Both are important, but only one leaves here and travels onward until I bring them both together again perfected in paradise. My son the reason I point this out to you to share with them all is because it is foolish time and energy; it is equivalent to one who went to build a building without a proper foundation and upon the tumultuous winds and rain it came toppling down. Without you spending proper time and attention, that of which you are working on cannot develop properly. Yet many of my children have spent their lifetimes focused on what the moths will eat and destroy instead of the eternal aspect they carry with them. Why do this? Why spend so much money and time on supporting your need for vanity and building up your outward appearance and ego? All this does is not make room for me. Your priorities are not correct my children, time with me must be your first concern not your last. What is soon coming upon the world you will need a developed and nurtured soul to understand, not a fancy car or house, or even a $2000 suit or dress. Maturity and growth of the soul should be your focus, but without spending time away with me it will only retard in its ability here. Remember time is moving forward with or without you doing this. The world would be a better place if you did. That is all my children, ask me and I will give you the time you need. Now go in peace my son and pass on what I have given to you today. I love you all, amen.