Why I Write

The Story…

The purpose of this blog is to take the wisdom that God has given me over the last 15 years, and share it with you. This is nothing that I planned on doing, and if it wasn’t for God asking me to do it in the first place, it wouldn’t be done. God has shown me that He exists in this world, and lives among us. He is in our everyday lives, He is in our thoughts and our hearts, and He loves us all very much. There have been many experiences ( some would say miraculous) that have occurred in my life, all with one goal in mind, to prove to me and to you that we have a loving Father who wishes to be a part of our lives. Follow along and I will share my experiences as they occur. I hope you will see for yourself where God is in your own life, and invite Him to live with you as well.

I do not claim to be a special person. I am a husband, father of four (soon to be five), and a lover of music. I do however possess a special gift. A gift that God chose to bless me with 15 years ago. I never thought any of this would be for anyone but me, until recently when He shared with me that He wanted it to be available for you. So follow along if you wish, and let God permeate your being with His words and let Him fill that void that exists within all of us. I hope these words mean as much to you as they do to me. So we begin…..

Who:  Just an obedient listener, trying to do what God has asked of me.

When: Over the last 15 years and continuing.

What:  Messages and wisdom God has asked me to share with His children

Why:  Read on and learn …


2 thoughts on “Why I Write

    • Thank you 1okedoke, these are put out there for all of you so I am always pleased when they have reached someone. Please continue to offer feedback and pass these on to any who will listen, I think the time is getting quicker if you know what I mean?

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